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Recommended Books and Publications

NARG Special Publication #1

NARG is proud to present it's first formal publication Geologic History of the Giant Sequoia by Gary D. Lowe. This 76-page paper back book summarizes the fossil record of the Giant Sequoia and the Coast Redwood, breaking from the century old interpretation of a Mesozoic origin of the giant sequoia and makes a multi-disciplinary evaluation of the plausibility of both trees having drived from the extinct Tertiary species Sequoia affinis.

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Geologic History of the Giant Sequoia,
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Also Available on Amazon

Oregon Fossils
by Elizabeth L. Orr, William N. Orr
Second edition updated in 2009
Fossil shells from Western Oregon: A guide to identification
by Ellen J. Moore
Edited in 2000
Oregon Geology
by Elizabeth L. Orr, William N. Orr
Sixth edition updated in 2012
In Search of Ancient Oregon: A Geological and Natural History
by Ellen Bishop
Reprint edition from 2006
Common Fossil Plants of Western North America
by William D. Tidwell
Second edition updated in 2010
The Oligocene Bridge Creek Flora of the John Day Formation, Oregon
by Herbert W. Meyer, Steven R. Manchester
Published in 1998
National Audubon Society Field Guide
to North American Fossils

by Ida Thompson
A good general fossil id book.
Simon & Schuster's Guide To Fossils
by Paolo Arduini
A good general fossil id book.

Mammalian Osteology
by B. Miles Gilbert
Published in 1990 - Great for identifying mammal bones.
Roadside Geology of Oregon
by David D. Alt, Donald W. Hyndman
Roadside Geology of Washington
by David D. Alt, Donald W. Hyndman

Older Out-of-Print Publications
Many of these are still available at Amazon

Oregon Fossils
by Elizabeth L. Orr, William N. Orr
First edition from 1998.
Handbook of Oregon Plants and Animal Fossils
by William N. Orr
Published in 1981
Geology of Oregon
by Elizabeth L. Orr, William N. Orr
Fifth edition from 1999.

Fossils in Oregon:
A Collection of Reprints From the Ore Bin

by Margaret L. Steere
Published in 1977
Fossil Shells From Oregon Beach Cliffs
by Ellen J. Moore
Edited in 1994
Fossil Mollusks of Coastal Oregon
by Ellen J. Moore
Edited in 1971
Fossils in Washington
by Vaughn E Livingston
Snag 'em if you can find 'em cheap...
Paleontology of the marine Tertiary formations of Oregon and Washington
by Charles Edwin Weaver
Index Fossils of North America
by Hervey W. Shimer, Robert Rakes Shrock

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Ed Roger's Rare and Out of Print Books
Each month there is a new catalog of book and publications. Probably the best site for books and publications on Pacific NW Paleontology and Geology.
Paleo Publications
PaleoPublications specializes in antique, rare, and used works related to the natural sciences.

Powell's City of Books A local favorite.