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NARG Advisors

NARG Advisors are professionals in the fields of paleontology, paleobotany, and geology. In a collaborative and cooperative association, Advisors provide NARG with instructional guidance and consultation on NARG's ongoing paleontological research activities in areas of collection, preparation, curation, and publication.

Dr. William N. Orr
Pacific NW Paleontology and Geology
Dr. Orr did undergraduate and graduate work at University of Oklahoma, University of California, and at Michigan State University, receiving his PhD in 1966. In 1997 Dr. Orr retired from the University of Oregon after 30 years teaching paleontology and oceanography. He has been director of the state museum of paleontology at U of O (The Thomas Condon Collection) since 1982 and continues in that role and as professor emeritus. Dr. Orr and his wife Elizabeth have written a half dozen books on Oregon Paleontology, Oregon Geology, and Geology of the Pacific NW. One recent book, which is an environmental history of Oregon's Water- use and abuse, came out Dec. 2005. However, their most recent publication is a revised edition of Oregon Fossils. From 1997 to 2005 Dr. Orr was on the Oregon State board of geologic examiners and is registered to practice geology as a professional in Oregon and Washington.

Dr. Jeff Myers
Associate Professor of Geology
Department of Earth and Physical Sciences
Western Oregon University


Dr. James Martin
Vertebrate Curator
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology


James L. Geodert
Affiliate Curator, Fossil Marine Vertebrates
The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, University of Washington

  Dr. Torrey Nyborg
Invertebrate Paleontology
Tertiary and Cretaceous fossil crabs and isopods from the Pacific Northwest